Walton Brown Jr


Walton Brown is founder and president of Research Innovations, Bermuda’s oldest market research firm. He taught politics and history at Bermuda College for 12 years and is a former Senator and Junior Minister for Education.

Educated in Bermuda at Berkeley Institute and Bermuda College, Walton earned a BA (Hons) in Political Studies from Queen’s University and a Masters in Political Science from York University—both in Canada. He has presented numerous papers at academic conferences in the Americas and Europe, published in academic journals and in magazines, and is the author of "Bermuda and the Struggle for Reform: Race, Politics & Ideology, 1944-1998" (Cahow Press: 2011).

Walton Brown has been a Caribbean regional expert consultant to the United Nations Decolonization Committee; served on the Bermuda Archives Advisory Council (1991-2010); is the Chairman of the Bermuda College Board of Governors; a member of the Permanent Arbitration Tribunal; hosts a weekly radio talk show, Bermuda Speaks; and is a weekly columnist for Bermuda's daily newspaper.

Article Title

New Millennium Colonialism: How the United Kingdom Sustains the UK-OT Relationship


The formal position of the United Kingdom towards its overseas territories on the question of independence is neutral: the territories will remain British for as long as the people wish. In practice, the UK not only seeks to strengthen its relationship with the OTs, it is actively devolving power back to the UK. The British have been pursuing a multi-pronged approach to achieve this goal - through an as yet unsuccessful effort at getting the OTs de-listed from the UN list of non-self governing territories, devaluing the OTs passport, and asserting UK authority over the constitutional powers previously granted to the OTs under the claim of “contingent liability” along with the claim the line of demarcation between foreign and domestic policy has become increasingly blurred. There is little public discussion on these issues in the Caribbean OTs (including Bermuda) and what the public sees as the maintenance of a status quo constitutional arrangement with the UK is in fact a constantly evolving and increasingly asymmetrical relationship. Given that UK interests do not necessarily align with the interests of the Caribbean OTs, the latter may well find their prospects for greater autonomy and democracy constrained in the years to come.


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